Perfect Pace Halter Leash (Pink/Brown, 6 Foot)

Perfect Pace Halter Leash (Pink/Brown, 6 Foot)
  • A simple no-pull training tool offering effective & gentle control to instantly stop your dog’s bad habits
  • This head collar stops pulling & lunging with simple, gentle, instant control from behind the head
  • Comfortable, lightweight, effective. Encourages calmness and attention
  • Self-adjusting & easy to use with built in leash
  • No pressure on dog’s throat, does not pull dog’s head to the side

The Perfect PaceTM is a simple no-pull training tool offering effective and gentle control to instantly stop your dog’s bad habits. Walk in Perfect Pace with your dog. The Perfect Pace is a halter/head collar & leash designed to stop your dog from pulling and lunging on the leash. The comfortable figure-eight design fits around your dog’s upper neck and snout, crisscrossing under the chin. The lead comes off the top of the neck, eliminating pressure on the throat. It does not pull the dog’s face to the side or irritate the eyes. Lightweight construction is strong yet comfortable for your dog and your hands. How the Perfect Pace Works: When your dog pulls, pressure is applied gently behind the head and under the jaw: these pressure points are calming for your dog, encouraging focus. The upward pressure raises your dog’s head and reminds him to pay attention to you with less resistance. Safer and Healthier for Your Dog: Other head collars/halters prompt people to “steer” their dog around by the face. The Perfect Pace motivates your dog to pay attention to you, and learn good behavior &; leash manners. Simple & Humane: The Perfect Pace is more natural and effective than other training tools, and a great training solution for dogs that are stronger than their handlers, or that don’t respond well to other training tools. Not a Muzzle: Dogs can pant, eat treats, drink, and pick up toys while wearing this halter. It Works Differently: Dogs that have struggled with other collars, halters, or harnesses often accept the Perfect Pace willingly and respond with calm focus and attention. If other training tools have not been right for your dog, try this one and we’ll stand behind it with our Satisfaction Guarantee. User-Friendly Package: your Perfect Pace will come with great instructions and links to helpful video *For dogs over 20lbs, not for brachycephalic (short muzzle) breeds
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