KONG Biscuit Ball Dog Toy, Large, Red

KONG Biscuit Ball Dog Toy, Large, Red
  • Insert Biscuits Into The Biscuit Ball And Watch Your Dog Attack And Chase The Ball To Get At The Treats
  • Made Of Nearly Indestructible And Chewer Friendly Kong Rubber–Legendary For Strength And Performance
  • It will keep your dog entertained and out of trouble for hours

KONG Biscuit Ball is a patented natural rubber ball with a hollow center and four bone-shaped ports to hold KONG Snacks and Treats. It is fun and durable. This toy keep dogs busy playing and removing the tasty morsels inside.A bored canine is a destructive canine, as anyone with a closet full of mangled shoes can attest. The answer? Put your dog to work. That Lab may look sweet, but he’s a natural born killer, genetically evolved to forage, hunt, chase, and gnaw. When those natural urges are frustrated, he may develop problem behaviors like barking, digging, and yes, chewing shoes. Kong biscuit balls turn passive feeding into active play sessions that satisfy a dog’s psychological and intellectual needs as well as his nutritional ones. Made from the same super-durable natural rubber as the classic Kong toy, the biscuit balls have a hollow center and four bone-shaped openings on the exterior to hold treats, bones, or dog food. This unique patented design dispenses rewards as your dog plays and chews. Use sticky foods like peanut butter or soft cheese like glue to make treats harder to remove, keeping dogs happy and busy for hours. Measuring four inches in diameter, this biscuit ball is recommended for medium- and larger-sized dogs, ranging from border collies on up to Saint Bernards. As with all Kong toys, supervision is recommended when first giving a new plaything to your dog. Regularly inspect the biscuit ball and replace if damaged. Satisfaction is guaranteed; if either you or your dog aren’t happy with your purchase, return within 30 days for a full refund. –Mary Park
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