High Tech Pet Humane Contain HC-8000 Electronic Dog Fence Ultra System and PT-2 Pro Trainer Plus Sonic Cat & Dog Trainer Combo

High Tech Pet Humane Contain HC-8000 Electronic Dog Fence Ultra System and PT-2 Pro Trainer Plus Sonic Cat & Dog Trainer Combo
  • Includes Humane Contain HC-8000 electronic fence system and Pro Trainer Plus PT-2 sonic cat and dog trainer
  • Uses proprietary technology to automatically adjust stimulus intensity based on distance from boundary, keeping pet contained without overstimulation
  • Progressive audible tones reinforce shock stimulus resulting in an even quicker, easier training process
  • Pro Trainer is a hand-held device that trains dogs and cats with sound, not shock stimulus; no collar is required
  • Pro Trainer features 3 obedience tones plus a NO tone with LED command indicators

Kit includes Humane Contain HC-8000 electronic dog fence ultra system and model PT-2 Pro Trainer Plus sonic cat and dog trainer. Model HC-8000 is the most secure and humane electronic fence made. A proprietary technology delivers shocks in quick bursts which come faster as your dog moves closer to the boundary, until your dog decides how much stimulus it takes before retreating. Audible tones reinforce shock stimulus, resulting in a quicker, easier training process. Ultra-slim waterproof radio collar features a built-in battery and shock tester and an attractive, tough poly-elastomeric strap. The waterproof transmitter is suitable for outdoor mounting and features wire break alarms. An illuminated status panel continuously monitors the condition of your wire loop, battery charge, power mode and system status. An optional, rechargeable back-up battery (model B12V-0.8) keeps your system operating in the event of a power outage. The battery is automatically recharged when power is restored. Power boost feature lets you add enough wire for up to 30 acres while maintaining precise control of your field width. The all-digital signal eliminates false triggering. Model PT-2 Pro Trainer Plus gives you a quick, easy way to train your dog or cat. This hand-held training aid uses sound, not shock, to teach your dog or cat to behave. Three obedience tones are provided to teach your pet specific behaviors such as Sit, Come, Heel, etc. A fourth, rapidly pulsating, irritating NO tone deters barking, jumping, digging and other unwanted behaviors. The Pro Trainer Plus is unique in its very humane, yet effective approach to pet obedience training. The Pro Trainer Plus is hand-held; no electronic collar is required. It combines the positive response techniques of clicker training with a powerful negative stimulus to quickly get your pet’s attention when it is misbehaving. Even cats can be taught to come on command and to instantly stop clawing, chewing and entering off-limits areas.
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